I got married to normal

The use of tools for women and families to cover terrorist acts

Ali Motairinejad, Fahimeh Ismaili’s husband, was one of the most violent subcategories of the ill-advised group who was secretly operating. Matarinejad is the military commander of the Mohiuddin Branch, and is one of those who deviated from the Shia religion to the Salafi sect. With the recommendation of Habib Naigan, commander of the group, Ali Motairinejad married Fahimeh Ismaili to carry out his terrorist acts with lesser suspicion under the guise of a married and family man. After marriage, Fahimeh’s home became the headquarters of this terrorist group. Fahimeh Ismaili’s read story of this marriage and the subsequent currents are ahead of you.
One afternoon when I was sitting at home, the phone rang our phone. I picked up my phone. The gentleman introduced himself to Ali and said that I have a job with Fahim. I said, “I understand, come.” I knew a little about me. Curiosity brought me to see this gentleman. During the appointment, there was no particular talk. Now that I think I come to the conclusion that they did not want to have a special mentality from the beginning of the appointment. It goes without saying that Ali’s conversations were firm and authoritative. When I asked for Ali for me, I entered the party of Mohi al-Din al-Nasser without asking myself. Then, when I was arrested, I felt that those appointments were a frequent talk [to attract me]. I did not know that there was an organization called Mohi al-Din al-Nasser. They understood that I was a great woman. Maybe they really had a hand on my emotions and really played with my feelings.
When I found out that he was a member of the Mahdi al-Din al-Nasser party, I asked him what was your goal of marrying me. He said that I was a man and I was very lucky to hear all the thoughts and the presence of a single man in a house for his neighbors was questionable and I was excusable and married in order to have a normal life and to ask for no opinion about me. In fact, he used me as a cover, not only for myself, but for the rest of my work, I was a cover.

Ali Motairinejad
Even after they carried out the terrorist act, I read their statement. Of course I did not accept. They told me very harshly that they wanted to film. I did not accept. I called Ali and I said that I do not want to attend. When I was doing military and guerrilla uniforms, I was reluctant to do this, then they explained what to do and what to do. They showed the step taller and …
The leader of the group, Habib Naigan, really exploited my feelings and emotions and the rest of the people in this way to advance his goals. He damaged many mothers, many widowed women and many orphans. I even believe that Ali was playing and educating for his goals. I can say this, Habib Naigan, who, for example, advocates for me in human rights organizations and says that this woman is a prisoner in Iran, she has been the main cause of this disaster and brought it to me.

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