Documents on terrorist activities of the Harakat al-Nadhal terrorist group.

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Please find, hereunder, a number of documents on the crimes committed by the Harakat al-Nadhal terrorist group, for which they have acknowledged the responsibility and have acclaimed them in their website.



#Ahvazna- Mohi-ud-Din al-Nasser’s brigades target the IRGC base + film, 08. 2016
The brigades of Shahid Mohi-ud-Din al-Nasser, the military wing of the Harakat Al-Nadhal Al-Arabi letahrir al-Ahvaz (The Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz),
Armed forces affiliated to Mohi-ud-Din Nasser’s brigades, the military wing of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz, attacked the IRGC headquarters, Qamar Bani Hashem, in the al-Thawra neighborhood, west of al-Ahvaz, the capital, on July 31, at noon today.
The media office of Arab Struggle Movement “Ahvaza” declared that the militants attacked the Bani Hashem headquarters, which the IRGC uses for intelligence purposes, at 3 pm local time in Ahwaz on July 31.
“Ahvazna” added: “The gunmen used Kalashnikov automatic weapons in their attack on the headquarters, which is located in the Al-Thawra (Revolution) neighborhood, west of Al-Ahvaz, the capital, and fled from the area after shooting at them.
“Ahvazna” stated that during the attack, fierce clashes took place between the guards of the targeted building and the armed forces of Mohid al-Din Nasser’s brigade, and so far it has not been possible for Ahvazna to get the information on damages and casualties inflicted on the enemy.
Occupying forces have cordoned off the al-Thawra (revolution) neighborhood, west of the capital Ahvaz, setting up security and military barriers to inspect vehicles and Ahvazi citizens entering or leaving the neighborhood.

Bani Hashem headquarters is considered as one of the most important intelligence centers of the Revolutionary Guards, which collects information about the activities of Ahvazi revolutionaries in Al-Thawra neighborhood and adjacent neighborhoods in the west of Ahvaz. The headquarters has been attacked several times in the past by militants of the Al-Ahvaz National Resistance.
The media office of the Arab Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz “Ahvazna” has obtained a video clip of the operation, which shows the first moments of the attack on the headquarters.


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