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New customs clearance facility for goods clearance

The Director General of the Customs Importing Center explained the new customs clearance facility for faster and easier clearance of goods.

Sensationally, with the presence of the 21 news network, a Sima commentary on the customs facility to solve the problems of industrial and industrial units for import added one of these problems is the lack of liquidity that, in order to solve this problem, would provide one year’s one-year bank guarantee We have agreed to release their goods by paying this guarantee.

For those who had trouble paying for bank guarantees, we considered a percentage clearance solution that cleared about 80 percent of the goods without any payment, and 20 percent of the rest, when their economic unit was generating and liquidating Receipt is done.

“We have found solutions to the problem of banking, with the help of the relevant authorities, that we will resolve 70 to 80 percent of the goods so that their production units do not run out of trouble.

Director General of the Customs Department of the State of Customs, stating that our goal is to stop industrial units in the production sector, added: In some cases, industrial units according to Article 42 of the Customs Code, the goods are disposed of by order of the Chief Customs Officer without payment of entrance fees. They will submit the documents and their formalities at the appointed time.

The reason for the misuse of some importers of customs warehouses and the deliberate non-clearing of goods also said that this was not so correct as it was raised, but we found a solution to that, and the goods in the customs warehouses were monitored by the relevant organizations. While we try to reduce the time allowed for keeping goods in the customs and increase the speed of clearance.

According to the new law, in addition to medicine, medical equipment will be cleared with minimal customs clearance, so the country will not have any problems in this regard.

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