The European Parliament supports the leaders of the terrorist group of Harakat al-Nadhal

While a number of the leaders of the terrorist group of Harakat al-Nidhal have been arrested in Denmark, some members of the European Parliament have called for their release.

According to the judicial correspondent of Fars News Agency, in all the years since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Europeans have been trying to strike against the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran through extending their support to terrorist groups.
Now, in the latest move, a number of the members of the European Parliament have sent a letter to the Danish Minister of Justice, requesting release of three members of the terrorist group known as the “Haraka al-Nidhal al-Arabi le-Tahrir al-Ahvaz” in Denmark.
The letter from those individuals reads: The members of the Harakat al-Nidhal have been mistakenly!! Charged with spying for Saudi Arabia.
According to the existing information, they have claimed that the arrested people are not terrorists and have not spied for Saudi Arabia or any other country, and are only activists who seek independence of their region.
The letter was given to Danish Justice Minister by Fulvio Martusciello, a member of the European Parliament.
One should be alerted that this member of the European Parliament was present at the last meeting of the al-Nadhal al-Arabi al-Ahwaz terrorist group at the EU headquarters.
Martusciello is an Italian citizen graduated in law and has been elected to the board of relations of the University of Naples.
One of the important points about this member of the European Parliament is that on October 16, 2014, he was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Relations between Israel and Europe.
But that’s not the whole story on Martusciello. He is a member of the FORZA party in Italy, and in 2015 he was suspected of collaborating with the Mafia over a water network contract in a region in Italy.

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