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A letter to European countries: Do not make your territory a safe haven for terrorists

Iran as a country with a long history of ancient civilization, not only has not invaded a country in its modern history, but it has been the victim of the crimes of various terrorist groups whose hands are in the blood of women and children of this land.

It is no secret that Iran has always wanted the best relations with European countries in various fields of science, politics, economy, civilization, etc.; but yet we have seen nothing from their side but sheltering terrorist groups acting against our country, as well as receiving threats against our security and also killing our people through the support and possibilities provided by those countries to terrorist groups.

One of those terrorist groups is the Harakat al-Nidhal terrorist group (ASMLA), which has been operating in Denmark for a long time with the support of the Danish government, enjoying full security. But, now it is revealed and proven on the basis of concrete documentation to you that they are nothing but mercenaries and paid spies working against their own people. It was also revealed that these people are engaged in terrorist crimes against the Iranian nation in direction of securing the interests of Saudi Arabia and its friendly countries.

If European countries really wish to protect the security of their people, they have no choice but to expel these terrorists, who are mostly associated with terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and ISIS.

As our nation is the best friend of its European friends and wishes the best relations with those countries, we do expect those countries not to host and make available their territories as bases for the terrorists who are hired and paid by Saudi Arabia, in direction of that country’s terrorist plans to kill our people.

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